night sky
night sky

night sky

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the moon hangs in a frame of night, dense and velvety, with twinkles of light to break the void...

sterling silver earrings with a black patina and polished finish. 

patina like this is different from natural oxidisation, but this piece should still be treated with care and not dipped in silver polish. the blackened surface should be left as undisturbed as possible to maintain the finish. 
a polishing cloth can be used on the shiny surfaces, gently. 
natural wear is normal and eventually the patina may wear off, this can be re-patinated when that occurs. when not being worn the ring should be placed in the included plastic bag with the anti tarnish sheet to ensure a long life in it's intended appearance.

these earrings have a rounded shepherd's hook style earring.
they will come with silicone backings for peace of mind while wearing them.

handmade with new Canadian sterling silver.

my pieces are always nickel free.