intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two
intention candle kit-series two

intention candle kit-series two

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you place a candle on a tray with a tjärved wand on it and light a match. the sulphur dioxide mixing with the air already drawing you into a familiar place as you light the tjärved and blow out the match. the smoke creates a light haze as you waft it around your space clearing away the dread of uncertain times and filling your head with a resinous scent. "spiritual housekeeping" you think to yourself with a smile as your shoulders drop. 

extinguishing the wand and placing it on the tray you turn your attention to the candle. the snap of another match coming to life and you hold the flame to the wooden wick allowing it to ignite and awaken. the flame burns down quickly, has it gone out? holding the match flame to the wick, just in case, you allow the wax to pool a bit. the flame is small, a tuft of purple blue winking above the wax surface.

settling in to the candle, allowing the bright scent of citrus and earthy cedar to infuse your space, you feel tension leaving your body with each deep breath. this is the time to consider your needs. whether you watch the flame dance or close your eyes in a state of mindfulness, whether you write the intention down or hold it in your heart doesn't matter, the point is that it is done. 
you allow the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the vessel, not only because it's good candle maintenance, but to give yourself time to consider your intentions. You may spend this extra time in a journal, your sketchbook maybe? a book, or paying attention to your familiar, watching the rain... allowing yourself to fully relax. 
when the wax pool has reached the edge, at the earliest, you gently blow out the flame so as not to disturb the liquid. you will leave it to become solid again until the next time you wish to use it.

this time is over, but it is there for your intentions again and again...

when the candle is finished you pull the dregs of wax and the wick holder from the bottom when cooled and light your tjärved wand again. the smoke curls around the vessel clearing the way for new beginnings. you put the tjärved wand out and place it on the tray to cool.
you pour a little bit of sand or small rocks you may have collected on your way into the vessel. placing the peat pellet in you fill it with water until the pocket of earth has expanded fully. you peel back some of the netting and sprinkle your seeds across the dark surface, patting them gently. 
you keep the seeds warm and damp and they begin to sprout new life, a vivid green coming from the black dirt. 
each time you water them you renew your intentions and when they are too large for the vessel you replant them, releasing them to the wild...

each intention candle kit contains:

instructions for the ritual
a hand poured candle in a handmade and painted concrete vessel
a handmade and painted concrete tray
a small tjärved wand (ethically sourced)
a sphagnum peat pellet (made in canada)
seeds (clover)

this kit is a perfect gift for yourself or another person to show some self care and add a bit of magic to your life.
each kit is handmade and may have flaws due to the individual nature of each one.

a few important notes on this project:

tjärved (tarwood/fatwood) comes from nordic folk magic traditions. it is an alternative to white sage and palo santo for use as a smoke cleansing tool. both of those tools are very particular to specific spiritual practices belonging to marginalised groups, use of them should be limited to the practices they are relevant to to avoid appropriating and doing harm to those communities. both materials are also quite limited or endangered due to commercial over harvesting. 
tjärved is 100% sustainable, harvested from naturally fallen trees,  and not a bi-product of the forestry industry. when a pine branch dies, the tree sends strong resins to help preserve and protect it. These branches become tjärved.
they light easily, have a long burn, and smell of sweet yuletide or fresh pine.
the traditional use was to use the smoke to drive away negative spirits, spells or curses making them a wonderful way to begin your intention ritual.

while many regard clover as a weed it is hardy and self sustaining ground cover that naturally fertilises itself, aerates the ground, and grows flowers for bees and butterflies. 
clover has long been used in greencraft for intention work because it grows everywhere, you can always find a living reminder of what you would like to manifest wherever you are. it can serve as a call back to remind you of the positive work you have put in to your life each time you care for your own little plant and when you see it in the wild. 
when it is time for you to let your plants go and you rehome it somewhere else you can be reminded of the intentions when you see happy little bees going about their own work. maybe it recently visited something you planted?

i chose gold for the splashes of colour on the concrete because gold symbolises success, prosperity, and the conscious mind. these made a lot of sense as structure for intention setting. 

the scent was blended personally for this specific project. grapefruit was chosen for general mood boosting properties to help set the stage for positive influence. grapefruit is also said to help with seasonal affective disorder. cedar is a tree of perseverance and limitless light. it is powerful in rituals and has natural protective properties. It is also good for purifying places and tools. these natural scents create a warm, sweet aroma like an early breakfast in the woods, fresh, bright, grounded, and calm.

why concrete? 
it's a strong modern aesthetic choice but i also like what it says as a whole with the candle- a sturdy vessel with a warm heart. 

a few important notes on candle care and safety:

never leave the candle or tjärved wand alone to burn unattended.

As the candle burns the heat of the wax and flame with heat the concrete vessel. do not touch it until the wax has solidified again.
do not disturb the wax while it's cooling.

always allow the wax pool to reach the edges of the container to avoid candle tunnelling. once tunnelling occurs it's nearly impossible to fix and will severely impact the life of the candle and it's safety over time.
tunnelling can lead to candle collapse which can splash hot wax, among other things.
If the candle is always allowed to melt to the edge it should burn well and leave a fairly clean vessel at the end. the wick size was specifically chosen to make this easy and possible.

do not try to ignite the tjärved to burn in a flame, you are only trying to release a stream of smoke from one end.

do not touch the burning end of the tjärved, fully extinguish it when finished, do not put it down on flammable surfaces.

do not play with or disturb melted wax.

do not consume or ingest candle wax or tjärved, or any other contents of the kit.

not intended for children or pets.

please refer to my instagram story highlights for what the flame should look like when first ignited and while burning if necessary. @crossedpromise

not intended as a medicinal tool or practice.

i make no claims about the efficacy or legitimacy of burning candles for witchcraft.

if you have any questions about this project please reach out via my contact form prior to purchase.

if your sign is sold out, please contact me. I probably have more or can make more.

not for sale outside of canada.